28 February, 2016 15:22

Lord, thank you this glorious Sunday to fellowship and praise your Holy name. Bless all the persecuted Christ followers around the world who faithfully seek you despite their afflictions.

In Jesus’s mighty name; AMEN!


One thought on “28 February, 2016 15:22

  1. Lord please help me, Lord please reunite with my parents and home now , Lord due to my marriage issue my dad left me since 9 years living far of my parents and home, Lord My husband who always played with my emotions hurt my feelings my self respect abuse me with dirty words sometimes he beats me , I am scared a lot due to his anger , Lord he is a peculiar person a very typical guy, Lord he made me far of all my friends and Lord always I am scared with his behaviour, Lord please change his sadist nature , Lord please do miracle and made him always respect me and my feelings and never hurt my self respect and never scold or blame my family , Lord I am living far of my family I have no support from any side , he always expect money from me, I am not working and where should I do get the money, he blame my family for not giving money and he tells me to demand money from. My family who left me for marrying him , Lord he hurted me abused me a lot Lord I cried a lot due to him , Lord I am not financially independent nor I have family support Lord my dad left me and I have no respect anywhere, please Lord I beg you please help me, my husband played with my innocence and with my emotions and made me cried a lot , Lord always I beared everything very quietly , not even shared with anyone, Lord please restore my marriage, Lord strengthen me to go against him and make him realize what he did against me how much he tortured me, Lord and please let my dad forgive me and accept us, Lord since 9 years I am living far of my family please have mercy Lord bless me with my parents support love and affection now, Lord because I am alone i have no support thats why my husband playing with me, Lord I beg u for a financial miracle .Lord I need you Lord please help me Lord please reunite with my parents and home now and please solve all the tensions and problems I am bearing now and bless me and all my family bless me and all my family with good health peace and happiness forever amen.


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