21 March, 2015 15:25

Leadership Statement:

Throughout history churches have been the cornerstone of community engagement, giving, philanthropy and relationship building; however, due to shifts in societal norms and the recent economic downturn, many churches have begun to limit their giving and focus more on their congregants. The Mustard Seed Initiative will serve as a bridge between churches and the community to begin to foster meaningful relationships and fill the financial gaps needed in order to recapture the unity needed for a healthy Community, Nation and World.

By providing the following services, churches and localities will be able to better serve congregants, families and individuals:

-Distribute bibles during local events and initiatives

-Fund missionary trips for churches (congregants unable to afford the cost to travel abroad)

-Fund budget shortfalls for churches

-Fund much needed church repairs

-Fund youth sport leagues through scholarships and donations of equipment

-Fund church planting initiatives

-Fund local and National 501 c 3 organizations focused on self-sufficiency for families

-Provide scholarships to Christian universities for low income children -Serve on local boards and commissions

-Volunteer for church and community events

We at The Mustard Seed Initiative pray you will join us in changing the future and impacting the World.

To GOD be the glory,

Douglas A. Taylor, Founder and CEO

The Mustard Seed Initiative

“A Church without walls built on Faith, Integrity, Prayer, Service and each others Testimonies!


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